Academic English

Academic English

Academic English

Academic English teaches you important English language skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening to help you prepare for using academic English at university.

Academic English - Learning Academic Vocabulary

In this lesson, Jenny explains how you can build your academic vocabulary in a few easy steps.

Academic English - Vocabulary for Describing Data

In this lesson, Jenny explains how to use different parts of speech and sentence structures to describe data.

Academic English - Linking Words

In this lesson, Gaby introduces academic linking words and shows how they can be used to link ideas in academic writing.

Academic English - Using Verbs to Express Opinions

In this lesson, Gaby talks about special verbs which can be used to express opinions in academic English.

Academic English - Making Comparisons

In this lesson, Scott explains the importance of comparing language and how it can make our writing more interesting.

Academic English - Paragraphing for Essays

In this lesson, Scott describes the ingredients of a good paragraph.

Academic English - Passive Voice

In this lesson, Joe talks about the different uses of passive voice.

Academic English - Introduction and Conclusion in Essays

In this lesson, Joe explains how to write an introduction and conclusion for an opinion essay.

Academic English - Listening for Meaning

In this lesson, Ai-Lin explains how to listen for specific information in a listening assessment or listening comprehension exercise

Academic English - Listening for Note Taking

In this lesson, Ai-Lin shares tips on how to listen and take notes effectively in a lecture or talk.

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