Anh's Brush With Fame

Anh’s Brush With Fame

Anh’s Brush With Fame

Anh Do paints some of Australia's most famous faces and captures their personalities on the canvas. The charismatic comedian, writer and Archibald Finalist delves into the inspirational stories that have shaped their lives.

Anh's Brush With Fame - Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson is a powerhouse of the Australian media. From her first break as editor of Dolly to life in the spotlight on commercial TV, how will Anh capture her warmth, humility and fighting spirit?

Anh's Brush With Fame - Dr Richard Harris

Dr Richard Harris is a medical hero. When a soccer team became trapped in a Thai cave in 2018, the South Australian anaesthetist played a pivotal role in getting them out. How will Anh portray his courageous spirit?

Anh's Brush With Fame - Anna Meares

Anh is joined by champion cyclist Anna Meares. From her upbringing as a coal miner's daughter to winning Olympic gold, she opens up about her near-death injury, personal loss, family sacrifice and record-breaking triumph.

Anh's Brush With Fame - Sophie Delezio

As a child, Sophie Delezio survived two horrific accidents. Now an independent and optimistic eighteen-year-old, she refuses to let disability hold her back. Anh hopes to capture her stoicism and joy on the canvas.

Anh's Brush With Fame - Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is an icon of Australian film and TV. After a difficult start to life, Jack found his voice in Breaker Morant, The Man From Snowy River and many more iconic films. Can Anh capture his charisma and warmth?

Anh's Brush With Fame - Layne Beachley

World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley has overcome many emotional and physical battles in her unrelenting quest for success, love and contentment. How will Anh portray such a complex and driven figure?

Anh's Brush With Fame - Father Bob

Retired larrikin priest, Father Bob Maguire, emerged from his own troubled childhood to dedicate his life to helping society's most vulnerable. How will Anh capture his sense of humour and compassion?

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