Anh's Brush With Fame

Anh’s Brush With Fame

Anh’s Brush With Fame

Anh Do paints some of Australia's most famous faces and captures their personalities on the canvas. The charismatic comedian, writer and Archibald Finalist delves into the inspirational stories that have shaped their lives.

Anh's Brush With Fame - Kate Ritchie

Kate Ritchie grew up in front of the nation. She was cast as Sally on Home and Away and played the role for two decades, with her own experiences reflected in her character. Anh must capture her warmth and authenticity.

Anh's Brush With Fame - Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is a star of the big and small screen. The former Bond Girl shares insights from her incredible life and career that saw her become a global star. Anh must capture her positivity and infectious energy.

Anh's Brush With Fame - Kamahl

As a young migrant plagued by self-doubt, Kamahl put his sense of inferiority aside to make his name in showbusiness, going on to sell millions of records around the world. How will Anh interpret his charm and gentle wisdom?

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