Australia Votes 2019

Australia Votes 2019

Australia Votes 2019

Leigh Sales is joined by Annabel Crabb and ABC's Chief Elections Analyst Antony Green for Australia's most trusted election coverage. Includes analysis from Barrie Cassidy, Andrew Probyn, Laura Tingle and Michael Rowland.

Australia Votes 2019 - Election Night Live

Leigh Sales, Annabel Crabb and Antony Green present Australia's most trusted election coverage. Plus Laura Tingle, Andrew Probyn, Barrie Cassidy and Michael Rowland with essential insights and analysis as early trends emerge.

Australia Votes 2019 - Election Results Live

The whole nation will be watching for the moment Antony Green calls the election. See the count unfold live as Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb bring you fast, accurate results and unmissable election night moments.

Australia Votes 2019 - The Leaders Speak

Australian voters have had their say and as the results come in we hear from the party leaders. Plus reaction, insights and analysis from ABC's experienced team of political minds led by Leigh Sales and Antony Green.

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