Back Roads

Back Roads

Back Roads

Back Roads takes viewers to more of Australia's most interesting and resilient communities. These towns are full of colourful characters whose grit and good humour will continue to uplift and inspire.

Back Roads - Woolgoolga, NSW

Heather Ewart explores a vibrant coastal community in northern New South Wales, where East meets West and which the locals affectionately call Woopi.

Back Roads - Riverina, NSW

Heather Ewart visits one of the flattest places on earth, the dusty Hay Plains. Home to a fascinating bunch with a dry sense of humour, the town hosts the Hay Rodeo and Rainbow on the Plains - the Hay Mardi Gras.

Back Roads - Menindee, NSW

In January 2019, Menindee made worldwide news when a perfect storm of drought and poor water management caused a mass fish kill of nearly a million fish. Guest presenter Lisa Millar uncovers the town behind the headlines.

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