Bee Cause

Bee Cause

Bee Cause

Bee Cause is a series about the importance of bees in Australian agriculture - from their vital role in pollinating crops, to producing honey, and the efforts to protect them.

Bee Cause - Purple Hive

Australia is the only continent still free from varroa mite, a blood-sucking parasite that devastates bee colonies. Engineers have designed a hive that uses cameras and artificial intelligence to detect hitch-hiking mites.

Bee Cause - Bee Future

Millions of bees and hectares of habitat have been destroyed in Australia by unprecedented bushfires and drought. Australian honey may soon be imported and the vital pollinators will be in short supply for agriculture.

Bee Cause - On the Move

As almond orchard plantings have increased in Australia, so has the need for bees which are vital for pollination. Co-ordinating the annual mass migration of millions of bees to trees, is a bee broker, and it's a tough job.

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