Close Of Business

Close Of Business

Close Of Business

Rachel Pupazzoni presents a look back over the best stories and interviews from the week on The Business, reporting on the big issues in the economy from finance, retail, small business, the markets and more.

Close Of Business - Best Of 2019

Netflix rules the remote, free-to-air streaming wars rage as the TV advertising dollar tumbles. Plus lawmakers talking the talk but not walking the walk, calls for compulsory recycling targets to tackle Australia's waste.

Close Of Business - Tech

In a Business summer tech special, we look at how shareholder pressure is seeing the biggest companies pledge to slash their emissions. Plus Australian drivers in the slow lane on electric vehicles.

Close Of Business - The Banks

Elysse Morgan looks back at the year's best reporting on the banks. Commissioner Hayne handed down his scathing final report and set the dominoes falling. Westpac accused of banking for child sex offenders and terrorists.

Close Of Business - The Economy

A look back over the best economic stories across the year. Record low interest rates but cheap money could reignite a building boom. $17-billion in tax cuts and counting but is it enough to kickstart the economy?

Close Of Business - Property

In a Business summer property special, construction is hammered by falling prices. Plus Sydney and Melbourne property markets rocket towards record price highs with yet another rate cut tipped for the new year.

Close Of Business - Legends

Elysse Morgan presents interviews with the legends of Wall Street. We hear from some of the best investment minds in the world, Mohamed El-Erian, Ray Dalio, Howard Marks and Rob Kapito outline the rocky road ahead.

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