Have you ever wondered what a curator does? This series lifts the lid on the secretive world of exhibition making as five curators discuss their work and highlight one artwork deeply significant to them.

Curators - Paola Balla, Australian Centre For Contemporary Art

For curator Paola Balla, Maree Clarke's 'Born of the Land' is a powerful video installation that recreates Indigenous cultural practice and resonates with a highly personal message about overcoming loss.

Curators - Mark Feary, Gertrude Contemporary

For Mark Feary, Director of Gertrude Contemporary, most public art is ill-considered and rarely engages with its audience. But he makes an exception when it comes to Ronnie Van Hout's towering robot sculpture 'DAYTON'.

Curators - Rebecca Coates, Shepparton Art Museum

For Rebecca Coates, Ben Quilty's ceramic jug 'Private Phil Butler' is an important addition to the Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) collection because it tells a personal story about war that resonates with the gallery's audience.