Escape From The City

Escape From The City

Escape From The City

Follow expert hosts as they guide families, couples or individuals through the trials and tribulations of their life-changing decision to escape the city.

Escape From The City - Hobart TAS: The Tungs

Sydney couple Nancy and Jeremy have been captivated by Tasmania's charm and have decided to move their family down south. Their property hunt takes them to four different homes which offer plenty of space.

Escape From The City - South Coast NSW: The Mackays

They might be heading to the bush, but that doesn't mean Kevin and Christine want to downsize. The Sydney couple are keen to find a large open plan home with land to grow native trees.

Escape From The City - Sunshine Coast QLD: The Moylans

Del Irani accompanies single mum Lisa to inspect four very different properties on the Sunshine Coast. But will the search go down the gurgler when the mystery house causes Lisa's jaw to drop?

Escape From The City - Central Coast NSW: The Owens

Having already completed city renovations on their last home, Joe and Amy have high expectations about what their new home will contain. Will Simon Marnie be able to help them find a coastal house that ticks all the boxes?

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