Escape From The City

Escape From The City

Escape From The City

Follow expert hosts as they guide families, couples or individuals through the trials and tribulations of their life-changing decision to escape the city.

Escape From The City - Orange NSW: The Thomases

Sydney newlyweds Will and Briana are looking for a change. On their honeymoon they visited the NSW town of Orange and were smitten with its old-world charm. Can they find a vintage home that suits their growing family?

Escape From The City - Lake Macquarie NSW: The Blanchards

Finding the right house at the right price near Lake Macquarie may require a lengthy search for Sydney couple Fran and Ron. In addition to being their home, they also want it to double as a location for a therapy centre.

Escape From The City - Orange NSW: The Wilsons

Bryce Holdaway meets couple Rob and Harvey, who aim to find a new home for their two young sons in country NSW. Rob prefers contemporary homes, while Harvey is swayed by character. What will they choose?

Escape From The City - Southern Tablelands NSW: The Grestes

Presenter Dean Ipaviz meets a couple who are looking for a spacious house on large acreage so they can expand their business promoting sustainability. But will the proposed country move prove too much for one?

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