First Weapons

First Weapons

First Weapons

In a television first, host Phil Breslin goes on an action-packed adventure to meet weapon makers & scientific experts, lifting the lid on the genius & science of Australia's oldest, most innovative, & deadliest weapons.

First Weapons - Returning Boomerang

In South Australia, host Phil Breslin, weapon maker Moogy Sumner and our team of experts unpack the science of Australia's most iconic and scientifically complex weapon - the Returning Boomerang.

First Weapons - Amerr

Host Phil Breslin observes senior weapon makers as they craft the Amerr. Experts reveal the scientific principles, followed by a challenge of speed and skill highlighting how the weapon was once one of the fastest on earth.

First Weapons - Leangle and Parrying Shield

Host Phil Breslin and weapon makers Brendan Kennedy and Trevor Kirby unpack the Leangle and Parrying Shield before honouring Aboriginal Cricketer Dick-a-Dick's crowd-pleasing demonstrations from 1868.

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