Four Corners

Four Corners

Four Corners

Holding power to account for 60 Years, Four Corners continues to expose scandals, trigger inquiries, lead national debate and confront the issues that matter to us all. Australia's premier investigative journalism program.

Four Corners - Lockdown

How Australia became trapped by COVID-19. Despite millions of people staying at home, the number of infections is climbing with the virulent Delta strain. How issues of supply and hesitancy left Australia dangerously exposed.

Four Corners - Bearing Witness

Exposing the secretive world of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Former members reveal the secretive practices used to instil fear and maintain discipline among followers. Those who have escaped say it's time to hold them to account.

Four Corners - A League of Their Own

Big money, sportswashing and the power play to control Australian soccer. Almost half of our premier soccer clubs are owned or controlled by foreign entities. Who are these powerbrokers and what are they getting out of it?

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