Girl, Interpreted

Girl, Interpreted

Girl, Interpreted

Girl, Interpreted is a bilingual comedy about Lillian, a nervous Mandarin interpreter who stutters and stumbles her way through hectic cultural misunderstanding.

Girl, Interpreted - Bamboo Ceiling

Lillian is forced to take sides when a Chinese grandma and her fengshui is at odds with council by-laws.

Girl, Interpreted - Imperial Order

An 'In Conversation' with respected artist Ouyang turns into a trainwreck when Lillian misinterprets a crucial piece of information.

Girl, Interpreted - The Urologist

Lillian discovers she couldn't be more wrong for the job when a client's prostate check is derailed by a small language mix-up.

Girl, Interpreted - Straight Man Cancer

At a scene of emergency, Lillian helps the police communicate with a troubled man.

Girl, Interpreted - Mukbang

Lillian finds herself interpreting for online sensation Strawberry Crush on a Chinese platform as she live-streams her "Mukbang" to a new audience.

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