Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Australian architect Peter Maddison explores the motivations, memories and connections behind some of the most exciting and cutting edge homes ever seen across the country.

Grand Designs Australia - Hawthorn

David and Jenny have a dream to live in a super-modern terrace house in a traditional suburb. But their daring plan to create a three-storey home really pushes stress levels and finances to the limit.

Grand Designs Australia - Tamar Valley

When young couple Eloise and Matt decide to leave their busy city life for peace and serenity in Tasmania, it seems like the ideal escape from the city. With only $210,000 to spend, Matt plans to do most of the work himself.

Grand Designs Australia - North Perth

Perth couple Angelo and Kasi are obsessed with concrete, particularly in 1950s Brutalist architecture, but when they get the drawings back from their architect, they're in for a surprise that will challenge all their ideas.

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