Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia

Peter Maddison takes us all over Australia to meet the ambitious Australians designing and building their own dream homes.

Grand Designs Australia - Carlton

Architect Annalise and project manager Kim have a plan to turn their tiny 1850s Carlton terrace into a multi-storied modern home with a large garden and a triple car-stacker. Their secret - to dig down and build up and out.

Grand Designs Australia - Coffee Camp

Obstetrician Gary and nurse Clare left Sydney for a more peaceful pace in the lush, rolling hills of Nimbin, NSW. But it wasn't just the rural life they were seeking, Gary had long held plans of building a dome-shaped house.

Grand Designs Australia - Chain of Lagoons

Lynne and Paul met while sailing five years ago, neither had plans to fall in love, let alone relocate to the wilds of Tasmania to build a home. But that all changes for the Melbourne couple when they visit the Apple Isle.

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