Heywire celebrates the stories of young people from regional and rural Australia. Featuring a collection of candid and courageous real life tales about life outside the big cities.

Heywire - Jack from Shepparton, VIC

Once a year, Heywire winner Jack comes together with his Italian family to make Nona's famous tomato sauce.

Heywire - Rafiki from Mount Gambier, SA

For Heywire winner Rafiki, the experience of starting a new life from scratch in Australia was made less overwhelming with the support of strangers.

Heywire - Dunamis from Shepparton, VIC

For Heywire winner Dunamis, playing rugby league in an AFL loving town can be lonely. But with help from Dad, Dunamis wants to take his passion for the game to the big league.

Heywire - Alissa from Christmas Island

Heywire winner Alissa is studying her Bachelor of Islamic Studies so other young people on Christmas Island have someone their age to talk to about their faith.

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