How To Do Stuff Good

How To Do Stuff Good

How To Do Stuff Good

Back with more recipes, pranks, tips and tricks to make sure you're never bored again! From how to make a cake with a secret surprise to how to make a watermelon explode, our crew of life hackers have all the answers.

How To Do Stuff Good - Cheap and Cheerful Hacks

Time to save a buck with our cheap hacks. Adelaide makes beautiful recycled pot plants, Gabe has an amazing cheap dress up idea, Devonte whips up some homemade hair gel, and Oriel has two amazingly cheap gifts!

How To Do Stuff Good - Beach Bonanza Hacks

Grab your sunscreen, we're off to the beach! Abhi gives his bodyboard a makeover, Fede's got the info on bluebottle stings, Oriel makes a beach bag that requires no sewing, and Molly makes an epic sandcastle YOU CAN EAT!

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