How To Do Stuff Good

How To Do Stuff Good

How To Do Stuff Good

Back with more recipes, pranks, tips and tricks to make sure you're never bored again! From how to make a cake with a secret surprise to how to make a watermelon explode, our crew of life hackers have all the answers.

How To Do Stuff Good - Awesome Animal Hacks

We've got the best hacks for your favourite pets, and some animals that you don't want to hang out with! Abhi has a hilarious dog bed, Molly whips up koala lamingtons, and Jenna pranks her parents with fake dog poo!

How To Do Stuff Good - Movie Magic Hacks

Roll out the red carpet, it's a movie night special! Christian has blockbuster sized Nachos, Miles makes his own movie projector, Hari and Lila break down how to act at the movies, and Abhi makes an epic dinosaur lamp.

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