Landline Summer

Landline Summer

Landline Summer

This summer Pip Courtney and the Landline team look back at some of the best stories from across rural and regional Australia, meeting interesting people and discussing food, produce, livestock, innovation and more.

Landline Summer - 75 Years of ABC Rural

In a Landline special, we celebrate 75 years since the ABC first put dedicated reporters on the road to cover life on the land. We look at rural reporting around Australia from where it all began to where it's going.

Landline Summer - Saving our environment

Landline Summer is an encore presentation of some of our best stories. In this episode, the war on plastic waste from farms plus the efforts to put Murray River salt onto fine dining tables around the world.

Landline Summer - Travelling through regional Australia

Landline Summer looks back at some of our best stories. In this episode we go armchair travelling through regional Australia with Orca tourism off Western Australia plus the little town that took a chance in order to survive.

Landline Summer - Rising to the Coronavirus challenge

Landline Summer looks back at some of our best stories. In this episode, rising to the Coronavirus challenge: A locally designed and made ventilator; value-adding with ice-creams and bouquets plus organic produce in demand.

Landline Summer - All about Bees

A look back at some of our best stories. This episode is all about bees. The beehive detecting destructive hitch-hiking mites plus coordinating the mass migration of millions of bees to pollinate Australian orchards.

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