Larry the Wonderpup

Larry the Wonderpup

Larry the Wonderpup

Larry the Wonderpup is back and getting into more well-meaning, madcap mischief than ever before! Best friends Larry the Australian terrier and Sasha, his 11-year-old owner, navigate the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Larry the Wonderpup - Celebrity Larry

Larry becomes the face of Doggy-Yum-Yums, but fame isn't always what it seems. And Incredible Puppy is too proud to wear a raincoat during a storm. Will that make him too sick to save the day?

Larry the Wonderpup - Larry Gets A Pet

Larry and Pearl don't seem to have much in common, but when Grimesly shows up, Pearl and Larry need to work together. Fast! And Larry finds himself being dog-sat by Mrs Crotchetby and her enormous, terrifying hound Monty.

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