Lockie Leonard

Lockie Leonard

Lockie Leonard

For 12-year-old Lockie moving to Angelus is a total life disaster with no friends, new school and a house that is in danger of disappearing into a swamp. But Lockie spots the one thing that makes it all okay - the surf.

Lockie Leonard - Zig Zag Hill

When mum becomes sick, Sarge puts on a brave face but Lockie can tell he's concerned and Lockie himself has come over all mature and responsible, taking on the housework and cooking duties.

Lockie Leonard - Angels And Monsters

Phillip needs cheering up as mum's still in hospital and it's really starting to take its toll on Phillip, so Lockie enters them in the Annual Angelus Fishing Competition.

Lockie Leonard - Boredom Busters

Lockie and his family become the focus of small town charity.

Lockie Leonard - Barry Goes Pop

Nan and Pop arrive to help out the Leonards but with Nan's cooking filling the family's stomach with stinky hot gas and Pop's dangerous driving, the grandparents are more of a hindrance.

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