Lockie Leonard

Lockie Leonard

Lockie Leonard

For 12-year-old Lockie moving to Angelus is a total life disaster with no friends, new school and a house that is in danger of disappearing into a swamp. But Lockie spots the one thing that makes it all okay - the surf.

Lockie Leonard - Cyril

Lockie questions why Sarge insists on being so 'different'. It's hard enough fitting into a new town without Sarge drawing attention to the family - like insisting the thing they need is a pet sheep named Cyril.

Lockie Leonard - A Water Feature

Lockie's hormones cruise in to town and create chaos. First, he speaks his mind to his grandparents and then makes a fool of himself in front of Vicki Streeton. All up, puberty is looking to be a bumpy ride for Lockie.

Lockie Leonard - Match Of The Day

After five weeks in Angelus, Lockie is still an 'Outsider'... which is weird because Lockie isn't a rebel, he'd like nothing better than to be One of the Gang. John East suggests Lockie join the school football team.

Lockie Leonard - The Details

Lockie Leonard is officially a teenager. But, hold on, do things feel any different? That morning, after a near-death wetsuit experience, everything changes again. And Lockie meets Mystery Girl, who's a wicked surfer.

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