New Gold Mountain

New Gold Mountain

New Gold Mountain

The untold story of the Australian gold rush from the perspective of Chinese miners who risked everything for a chance at an unlikely fortune in a new land.

New Gold Mountain - Righteousness

Shing finds himself facing danger on two fronts. On the European side, he's been implicated with the woman's murder. On the Chinese side, Shing's status as headman becomes complicated when Lei's intentions are made clear.

New Gold Mountain - Shame

Haunted by the possibility his brother Sun is involved in Annie's death, Shing hides his suspicions while trying to find the truth. Meanwhile Lei gets closer to uncovering Shing's betrayal of the Brotherhood.

New Gold Mountain - Integrity

Lei strikes a deal with Shing to keep the secret gold seam operation running. Tom is dragged into prison and pinned for Annie's murder, but Belle and Hattie realise that the clues point to the Chinese.

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