One Plus One Redux

One Plus One Redux

One Plus One Redux

In an intimate one-on-one setting Jane Hutcheon interviews celebrities, authors, sports heroes, actors and personalities from Australia and around the world. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One Redux - Alan Carr

He's best known for his zany TV sit-downs with celebrities, but "Chatty Man" Alan Carr says he's started seeing the serious side of life - after turning 40 this year.

One Plus One Redux - Miranda Tapsell

Miranda Tapsell is an award-winning indigenous actor who uses her own experience of discrimination to agitate for more diversity in the arts. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One Redux - Gillian Triggs

Gillian Triggs is an academic and international lawyer appointed in 2012 as President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. In the final month of her term she reflected on a challenging career. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One Redux - Tom Keneally

Tom Keneally is an Australian publishing phenomenon, writing close to 50 books in as many years. Now in his eighties, he reflects on a life, spirituality and the future. #OnePlusOne

One Plus One Redux - Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward is a stand-up comic whose personal experience of mental illness is at the core of her comedy work. Though passionate about her career, she says persistent anxiety has dampened the joy of making people laugh.

One Plus One Redux - Chido Govera

Chido Govera grew up in poverty in rural Zimbabwe. Now in her early thirties, Chido has helped hundreds of communities around the world transform their lives through mushroom farming. #OnePlusOne

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