Pandemic Warriors

Pandemic Warriors

Pandemic Warriors

Meet people from across Asia and the Pacific who, alongside Australian collaborators, have turned the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity to improve life for their communities, often in surprising ways.

Pandemic Warriors - PNG's Winning Women

As PNG's women's team prepares for the Rugby League World Cup, we meet the female pioneers and players who are inspiring women and girls to participate in the country's most loved game.

Pandemic Warriors - Fiji's COVID Blues

Fijian counsellor, Renuka Karan, says COVID increased demand for mental health services. She had to use all her skills to get through a 21-day lockdown at the hospital where she works at the height of Fiji's pandemic.

Pandemic Warriors - Better Places to Live

More people than ever call informal settlements across Asia and the Pacific home. Most lack access to services like water and sanitation. We meet a team of Indonesian and Australian innovators testing ways to change this.

Pandemic Warriors - The Green Angels

We go behind the scenes at PNG's growing ambulance service as the 'Green Angels' respond to all kinds of emergencies, including the second wave of COVID.

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