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Play School

Play School

Play School's been inviting children to learn through play for over 50 years. Join in and explore the world through music, art and the imagination.

Play School - Imagine: 5

In this episode, Teo and Michelle play a mix up dress up game, make some play dough for a play dough garden, create a critter flipper book and look through the windows to see some children act out the story of Jungle Big Ted.

Play School - Collections: 1

Join Teo and Karen as they discover what's in the Collections Coat, make a box and block town, create a library and have a teddy bears' picnic. Plus, look through the windows as Malik shows us his paper plane collection.

Play School - Collections: 2

Join Emma and Alex as they make dinosaurs for Dino Land, go on a treasure hunt, tour the Play School Collections museum and look through the windows as Max and Luca show us their stone and fossil collection.

Play School - Collections: 3

In this episode, Miranda and Teo make and decorate some play dough shapes, play a game of dress ups, decorate some frames and look through the windows as Amanda shows us her artwork collection.

Play School - Collections: 4

Teo and Emma play a game of What's the Time Mr Wolf?, make cardboard animals and create musical instruments for Bearosmith the rock band! Plus, Eloise and Elizabeth show us their doll collection through the windows.

Play School - Collections: 5

Come along with Miranda and Alex as they play with different types of balls, create some paper insects, make a bush painting and look through the windows as Leon tells us about his feather collection.

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