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Play School

Play School

Play School's been inviting children to learn through play for over 50 years. Join in and explore the world through music, art and the imagination.

Play School - Communication: 2

In this episode, Alex and Michelle find a surprise in the Pick-A-Drawer, make percussion instruments using rice and host a morning tea party with Jemima and Humpty. Through the windows we take a trip on a Water Police boat.

Play School - Communication: 4

In this episode, Andrew and Zindzi are joined by a special animal guest: Sunshine the Assistance Dog, bake delicious Fruit Pillows and take Joey on a trip to the Play School Farmyard. Through the windows we go horse riding!

Play School - Helping Hands: 1

Join Luke and Michelle as they create dinosaur shoe decorations, make delicious frozen yoghurt bites and play with popsicle puppets. Find out how vegetables grow when we visit a veggie garden, through the windows.

Play School - Helping Hands: 3

In this episode, Alex and Karen have fun building with cardboard boxes, play a dress up game and Helpful Humpty lends a helping hand at a school fete. Through the windows we go on an adventure to Rottnest Island.

Play School - Helping Hands: 5

Join the fun as Justine and Teo paint a landscape, create animal costumes and put on the Animal Antics Funny Joke Show. Helpful Humpty comes to the rescue at the park. Through the windows learn how paramedics help people.

Play School - Cubbies: 1

Join Leah and Luke as they make a cardboard box cubby house for their monkey friends and build a grand cubby castle fit for Princess Jemima and Frog Prince Fergus! Through the windows we visit a tree house cubby!

Play School - Cubbies: 3

Watch as Emma and Andrew dive into an underwater cave cubby world, create a landscape using sand and act out My Merman Prince complete with seaweed monsters and more! Through the windows we see a cubby made from a boat.

Play School - Trees: 1

Teo and Miranda are joined by didgeridoo player, Matthew. They discover a mixed-up gumtree and Fergus the Frog hosts a billabong feast. Through the windows we meet some animal friends who live in trees.

Play School - Trees: 4

Michelle and Teo learn about bonsai trees, paint with pine needle brushes, make homemade paper and visit Owl in her very own tree house café! Through the windows learn how wooden spoons are made at a timber mill.

Play School - Trees: 5

Watch as Emma and Teo paint a drippy tree picture, make craft topiary trees for Jemima's garden and play a game with seed pods using a water feature! Through the windows we have fun playing in trees.

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