Play School

Play School

Play School

Play School's been inviting children to learn through play for over 50 years. Join in and explore the world through music, art and the imagination.

Play School - Here To There: 4

Join the fun as Karen and Alex play a game called "Choose Your Shoes", make submarines from plastic bottles and pegs and go on an underwater adventure. Through the windows, we look at sail boats and cruise ships!

Play School - Tools: 1

Join the fun as Teo and Rachael make wooden animals, build a dog kennel and create a hairy face picture using wood shavings! Through the windows we see how a concrete path is made.

Play School - Tools: 2

Emma and Andrew make craft peg owls to help hang out the washing, use a cleaning caddy to clean Little Ted's house and cook up cheesy scrambled eggs in the kitchen. Through the windows we have good clean fun washing windows!

Play School - Five Senses: 1

Join the fun as Alex and Rachael create shadow hand puppets, play hide and seek in Peter Rabbit's garden and make a tutti fruitti caterpillar using fresh fruit. Through the windows we visit the optometrist.

Play School - Five Senses: 3

Michelle and Nicholas visit Scrap's Sniffs and Whiff's Shop, pick herbs from Peter Rabbit's garden, prepare a Caprese salad and make some floral scented bags. Through the windows, we visit the flower markets.

Play School - Five Senses: 5

Teo and Alex are joined by a special animal visitor: Bobby the puppy dog, go on a carrot hunt, open a mix and mess shop and put on a concert for the toys. Through the windows we visit a petting zoo.

Play School - Up, Up And Away: 1

Join Michelle and Alex as they make balloon birds, paint a garden mural, dress up as dragonflies and play with Humpty's Zippetty Zoom Zoom ride! Through the Windows we go up, up and away on a tree-top walk.

Play School - Up, Up And Away: 3

Emma and Nicholas make springy creatures for their Bump-A-Deedle garden, wake up a very sleepy Humpty, play a sky-high dress up game and create a garden laboratory. Through the windows we find some butterflies.

Play School - Bits And Pieces: 1

Join Teo and Miranda as they collect bits and pieces from the garden, prepare a yummy salad and have fun splashing in puddles on a rainy day. Through the windows we discover a magical fairy garden!

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