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Play School

Play School

Play School's been inviting children to learn through play for over 50 years. Join in and explore the world through music, art and the imagination.

Play School - Here To There: 4

Join the fun as Karen and Alex play a game called "Choose Your Shoes", make submarines from plastic bottles and pegs and go on an underwater adventure. Through the windows, we look at sail boats and cruise ships!

Play School - Bits And Pieces: 1

Join Teo and Miranda as they collect bits and pieces from the garden, prepare a yummy salad and have fun splashing in puddles on a rainy day. Through the windows we discover a magical fairy garden!

Play School - Create, Code, Go!: 1

Join Zindzi and Matt as they meet some bottle farmers, take Darcey the donkey to Jemima's Vet Surgery and bake cakes with a cooking robot. Through the Windows we take a horse to the vets for a check-up.

Play School - Create, Code, Go!: 2

Rachael and Nicholas program a cleaning robot to help with housework, paint an underwater mural, experiment with oil and water and make fruity ice cubes. Through the windows we meet a marine biologist who looks after dugongs!

Play School - Create, Code, Go!: 3

Zindzi and Rachael celebrate International Day of the Girl by experimenting and exploring the basics of coding. Through the windows we take to the outdoors and build with bits and pieces found in nature!

Play School - Create, Code, Go!: 4

Luke and Zindzi program a train robot, build a pizza box tower, tell the story of 'Mr Round's New House' and paint a rainbow mural. Through the windows we experiment with strong shapes.

Play School - Create, Code, Go!: 5

Join Emma and Matt as they experiment with the Marvellous Motoring Mouse Machine, code a Chime Bar Machine, meet an entertainment robot and dress up with dancing pants! Through the windows we see Bee Bot robots dance.

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