Accomplished journalist and presenter Hamish Macdonald leads a panel of guests and members of the public in a surprising and thought-provoking discussion that will challenge our thinking on big and complex issues.

Q+A - The Age of Loneliness

The pandemic has cut us off from our communities, workplaces and each other. We interact online more, but our sense of isolation is growing. Loneliness is predicted to be the next public health epidemic of the 21st Century.

Q+A - US Election 2020: Four More Years?

Q+A brings together some key figures to explore what's shaping the US Presidential election. Will Donald Trump be elected for four more years? New polls have Joe Biden in front but the President has form defying predictions.


Join the big national conversation from homes and lounge rooms in every corner of Australia. Coming together to talk is more important than ever. Your questions and stories are a huge part of Q+A. Hosted by Hamish Macdonald.

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