Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Join The Wiggles - Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon - on an exciting new adventure during this new series featuring over 70 songs, including Wiggle classis and new material.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Wake Up, Lachy!

Dance and follow the actions with 'Follow the Leader', then point your fingers, do the twist and call out 'Wake Up, Lachy'. Finally, join in with the beautiful singing of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Lachy Shrunk The Wiggles

Lachy's inventions always result in lots of fun and this time he's shrunk Emma and Anthony! Luckily, Lachy has a solution, with even funnier results! Join The Wiggles in the world's catchiest song.

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