Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Join The Wiggles - Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon - on an exciting new adventure during this new series featuring over 70 songs, including Wiggle classis and new material.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Emma's Missing Bow

Emma can't find her favourite bow! The Wiggles call the famous French detective Dr Simeon to help solve the mystery, and it turns out the answer might just be right under their noses!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Is That Lachy?

Emma has a brand new alarm clock to give to one of her friends. Have fun putting the clues together and try to guess who Emma's present is for! The rest of The Wiggles are busy learning new dance moves, singing 'I Stamp'.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Hula Hoop Symphony

The Wiggles have so much fun playing with their hula hoops that they decide to form a hula hoop symphony! Spinning a hula hoop and singing at the same time makes Lachy pretty sleepy, so they need your help to wake him up!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Clean Your Teeth!

Before The Wiggles leave for a big show they remember that they have to take care of their teeth! The Wiggles invite their friend Dennis the Dentist over to learn about brushing and taking care of their teeth.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Percussion Party

There is always something fun to do at The Wiggles' house! Emma and Captain Feathersword are making up poems while playing dress-ups and trying on cowboy hats, and The Wiggles recite some of their favourite nursery rhymes.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Marty Party

Today is a special day in Wiggle House because it is Anthony's birthday! The Wiggles are throwing a huge party to celebrate Anthony's special day, but they need help to make it the best birthday party ever!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Is It Captain Feathersword?

Anthony has a crazy new dance which he wants to try out with one of his wiggly friends! Using Anthony's clues, have fun trying to work out who the mystery friend is!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Is That Wags?

Captain Feathersword has cooked a treat for one of his friends, but he wants you to try and guess who! Use the clues and see if you can solve the mystery! Join The Wiggles as they sing a traditional Eskimo song.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Harry Hula

The Wiggles love playing with hula hoops and seeing who can keep their hoop spinning the longest, but their friend Captain Feathersword doesn't know how to hula! Emma tries to teach Captain Feathersword how.

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! - Musical Memory

There are lots of musical activities to do in The Wiggles' house! Join Captain Feathersword and Professor Simon while they play with musical instruments and learn the different sounds that different instruments make!

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