Round The Twist

Round The Twist

Round The Twist

Strange things happen when Tony Twist and his children, Pete, Linda and Bronson, discover that the old lighthouse they live in is haunted. Their twisted adventures include monsters, werewolves and human ice-cream machines.

Round The Twist - Whirling Derfish

Everyone knows that Bronson will eat anything! But when he swallows a rare whirling derfish nobody could have guessed he would become a human outboard motor known as 'The Port Niranda Porpoise'.

Round The Twist - UMI

Beware of Gizmos! One flick of the switch and 'bang', Pete's mind is in Mr Gribble's body and vice versa. But while Pete is spending a terrifying night in Gribble's house Gribble is making the most of a nasty situation.

Round The Twist - Truth Hits Everybody

Anthony, Fiona, Pete and Linda rustle up some old video and sound equipment from a pawnshop, only to discover they have a magic microphone that makes everyone - even Mr Gribble - speak the truth, no matter what.

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