Round The Twist

Round The Twist

Round The Twist

Strange things happen when Tony Twist and his children, Pete, Linda and Bronson, discover that the old lighthouse they live in is haunted. Their twisted adventures include monsters, werewolves and human ice-cream machines.

Round The Twist - Face The Fear

While a jumpy accident-prone crim escapes from jail and comes to Port Niranda to collect his loot, Gribbs tells Bronson that in order to face his fears he has to spend a night in the cemetery.

Round The Twist - Hair Brain

Linda is trying to be elected to the student council, and when she has her hair done by an apprentice hairdresser she discovers that she can hear people's thoughts and uses the advantage to listen to what the students really want.

Round The Twist - The Princess And The Pete

Mr Gribble discovers that Port Niranda could become the Mineral Water capital of the world and Pete discovers that beauty is only skin deep.

Round The Twist - Bird Boy

When Bronson discovers a huge nest belonging to a strange boy-faced bird who has had an accident Bron thinks he is going to be famous when he hears the bird's beautiful song.

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