Sigrid Thornton reprises her role as lawyer Laura Gibson who, after her professional and personal life broke down, returns to Pearl Bay. Two decades on, Laura finds herself questioning her place in the world once again.

SeaChange - A Monstrous Lie

When Miranda's half-sister, Stella, makes a return to Pearl Bay, Miranda forces Laura to keep quiet about the baby, but things are made complicated when Stella's old boyfriend, Josh, (the baby's father) arrives unexpectedly.

SeaChange - There are Unicorns

When Stella claims to have recently spotted the rare Rainbow Seahorse in Pearl Bay, Miranda sees a way to stop Striplands. Meanwhile Rocco shows up in town to check on his investment, and Bob feels the heat.

SeaChange - Awake, Dear Heart, Awake

Love is in the air when Phrani returns to Pearl Bay to finally marry Kevin, raising questions for Laura and Miranda about their romantic pasts and prospects.

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