Stuff The British Stole

Stuff The British Stole

Stuff The British Stole

Follow Marc Fennell on a globe-trotting, emotional quest for the truth as he unravels the twisted mysteries behind six iconic and priceless objects taken by the British Empire and meets those who want them back.

Stuff The British Stole - Jewel Of Denial

Marc Fennell unravels the true history of the Koh I Noor diamond which sits at the heart of the Crown Jewels. But beyond the glitz, he reveals the tragedy of a 10-year-old Sikh boy ripped from his mother and kingdom.

Stuff The British Stole - Stoned

When King Charles III has his Coronation, will he sit on a potent and sacred symbol of the Scottish people? Marc Fennell investigates a wild Scottish heist to steal back an object - quite literally - from the British throne.

Stuff The British Stole - Chipped Away

Marc Fennell is on a scavenger hunt for pieces of a mysterious, ancient Palestinian Mosaic, when put together, reveals how the British Empire shaped the modern Middle East.

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