Sydney Sailboat

Sydney Sailboat

Sydney Sailboat

Sail away to a world of fun and adventure with Sydney the sailboat and Zip the water taxi as they learn to ride the waves with their friends in bustling Bubble Bath Bay.

Sydney Sailboat - Tall Stories

When Rodney's nephew Hilton visits, Sydney is dazzled by tales of submarine school. But a dare gets Sydney stranded outside The Heads. Hilton will need to put his boasts into action to save Sydney.

Sydney Sailboat - A Very Ducky Day

When a lost duckling turns up in the Bay, Stormy volunteers to care for him. But when Muddles drops a crate of rubber ducks, the duckling gets lost! Can the fleet find the real duckling in the crowd?

Sydney Sailboat - Lost And Found

Zip and Sydney find a lost Jack-in-the-Box and realise it's perfect for playing pranks! Terry wants it put in Lost and Found, but Zip can't say goodbye. She'll find a new home for Jack instead.

Sydney Sailboat - New Tricks

Zip loves her new navigation device so much, she doesn't listen to Terry's lesson on navigating with the stars. When Sydney and Zip sneak out and get lost, Zip realises the value of lessons.

Sydney Sailboat - Trash And Treasure

When Sydney's toolbox gets too full, Terry makes him clean it out. But getting rid of his favourite things isn't easy. Especially when you accidentally give away Aurora's spare light bulb!

Sydney Sailboat - How Terry Got His Groove Back

When the fleet put on a concert, Terry gets to play the big bass note. But at rehearsal, all he does is parp! Terry is disheartened, what's blocking his funnel? A croaky little visitor, that's what!

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