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Australia stun India to take ODI series and top ranking

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Not all pregnancies are being treated equally in Super Netball

The Super Netball league was the first club sport in Australia to introduce a parental policy for its players¬ but ‚Ä" as negotiations kick-off for the sport's next collective bargaining agreement ‚Ä"¬ there is one key component that needs to be revisited.

How the AFL debutants went in round one

From the hyped to the hopefuls, it was time for a new group of AFL debutants to hit the ground running.¬ Andrew McGarry looks at all the first-gamers and how they went in round one.¬

Crows to appeal against Shane McAdam's bump suspension

Adelaide will challenge Shane McAdam's three-match ban for rough conduct, after the AFL tribunal rejects¬ the Crows' submission that his bump on GWS' Jacob Wehr was "entirely fair"¬ because it did not involve the head.